Wearsafe Heads to Sacred Heart University

Last week some members of our team took a road trip down to the home of the Big Red Pioneer, Sacred Heart University. What brought us to SHU? Well, we have some great news. The Student Government at SHU has joined Wearsafe! Together we are on a mission to keep campus the way it should be – safe.

Our talented Sales & Marketing director, Clay, gave a hands-on demo to members of SHU’s Student Government. The demo provided students with an understanding of who we are and experience with our Tag and iOS app. A big shout-out to Rich, a brave soul from the audience, who volunteered to press the Tag and send an alert! Thanks to his im*press*ive press of the Tag (excuse the pun), students were able to get a great first look at how Wearsafe works.

Now that the iOS student users are on board, Wearsafe will be debuting at SHU in just a matter of weeks! With Tags shipping out in time for Spring Break, students will be able to create their own customizable networks and start wearing Wearsafe right before they head out of town.

Also we can’t forget- a big thank you to Larry Wielk, Dean of Students, for making this happen! Our team is ecstatic to be working with the amazing group of students at SHU and can’t wait to welcome them to the Wearsafe family.