Dr. Henry C. Lee Award & Recognition Dinner Hosted by Jane Doe No More

Dr. Henry C. Lee Award & Recognition Dinner  Hosted by Jane Doe No More

I was not prepared.

Last Friday we had the pleasure of being a lead sponsor for Jane Doe No More’s Annual Dr. Henry Lee Award dinner. It was a great event recognizing two great organizations, The Joyful Heart Foundation andthe Victim’s Rights Center of CT, who’s work is dedicated to ending the silence, and improving the lives of sexual assault survivors.

Having been to many award dinners and other similar events, you can become a little callous in terms of what to expect. Dressing up, hors d’oeuvres, mingling, a live band and even a signature drink. If you’re lucky, a photo booth and a great dinner. This event had all of that. But then, after the awards and accolades; after donning funny sunglasses for the photo booth, the whole room, 300 plus attendees, was floored by an honest and shocking sexual assault survivor story.

I should have been prepared. I obviously know what Jane Doe No More is all about. I was the one who suggested we donate devices and service. Yet even that didn’t prepare me to hear Vinnie tell his story. I won’t attempt to retell his story but I can relay the clarity of focus it left me with. Every day at Wearsafe we work towards a greater good. We know that the technology we’ve created will help save lives and help prevent stories like Vinnie’s but it’s all too easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks.

Every day there are a zillion problems that demand attention. Every day there is copy that could be better written or pictures that could be re-taken, bugs that can be fixed, deadlines that can be demanded and app functions that can be suggested. However, the most important thing to remember is why we’re doing this. The greatest gift that Jane Doe No More gave me last Friday night was the reminder that all those issues, deadlines and crisis all serve a purpose. That purpose is to make the world a safer place by revolutionizing the way people seek help. Having a phone isn’t enough. Having an app isn’t enough. Sending an alert with just GPS coordinates isn’t enough. Whether you’re just uncomfortable or experiencing a true emergency, a Wearsafe alert can make the difference. That’s our part, that’s how we can help.

We promise to work diligently and efficiently every day on our solution and we’ll continue to work with groups committed to ending sexual assault, organizations focused on educating and raising awareness around consent and those bringing perpetrators to justice.

Thank you Vinnie for sharing. Thank you Donna and Jane Doe No More for the amazing work you do. We promise to stay committed and focused.

P.S. Thank you to the sexual assault survivor that painted this rock. It’s the best “party favor” I’ve ever received and it will reside on my desk as a daily reminder to hold fast.

-Clay Frost
Director of Sales & Marketing at Wearsafe Labs